The Wall of Apartheid in Israel


Join the Palestinian struggle against Israeli apartheid and for land, justice, self-determination and the right of return.

Join the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.
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The Wall, which is currently projected to run 810 km in length, is not being built on, or in most cases near the 1967 Green Line. Instead, it cuts deep into the West Bank, annexing Palestinian land and resources. It consists of a network of walls, fences, military zones, 34 fortified checkpoints, 44 tunnels, 634 checkpoints and obstructions and 1,661 km of settler roads. When completed, the Wall and its associated regime of settlements and “military zones” will de facto annex some 46% of the West Bank, isolating communities into Bantustans and military zones.

The Wall of Apartheid in Israel

The popular resistance against the Wall joins women, men, young and old in the affected villages in an effort to protect their rights and their land, and has faced a staggering level of repression, arrests and violence from the Israeli authorities. The most visible and unifying expressions of this resistance are the weekly demonstrations against the Wall, which are organised and led by local “popular committees”, comprised of activists from the affected communities.

Overwhelming violence by the Israeli occupation forces is complemented by arrests, collective punishment and threats with the aim to put pressure on the social coherence of village society. Israeli forces have now killed 17 people in protests against the Wall. Israel uses lethal and often so-called non-lethal weapons with the knowledge or aim to kill or inflict serious harm to the protestors. CS gas, a type of tear gas probably used that day in Bil’in, has been reported to lead to miscarriages among pregnant women and, in certain situations, cause death.

Israel does not sustain this system of apartheid and oppression on its own. Both are carried out by Israel with the connivance of international organizations and governments who profit from Israeli occupation. For instance, governments all over the world buy Israeli weapons tested and developed in the repression of the Palestinian people, international banks and investors possess shares in companies which are responsible for the construction of the Wall, and settler produce is sold in stores across the globe. These economic relationships make the international community complicit in Israeli apartheid and crimes against the Palestinian people.

The Wall is not being built on, or in most cases near the 1967 Green Line, but rather cuts deep into the

Protestors marched from the edge of the village toward the checkpoint, which cuts the entire area off from Ramallah.

West Bank, expanding Israel’s theft of Palestinian land and resources. When completed, the Wall and its
associated regime (this includes settlements, military zones, and other “closed areas”) will de facto annex
some 46% of the West Bank, isolating communities into Bantustans, ghettos and “military zones”.

Fact sheet available in pdf format at to better understand how the wall if hurting Palestinian women.
The Palestinian popular protest movement has shown a remarkable ability not only to survive, but to grow and spread, cultivating a new generation of activists and leaders, and taking root in new areas. We call on you to support this struggle; voice your anger at the killing of Jawaher on the 10th, and take up the Palestinian call for BDS!

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