Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolitions

The UN partition plan


ICAHD is a non-violent, direct-action organization established in 1997 to resist Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories — 24,000 as of this writing and counting. As we gained knowledge of the brutalities of the Occupation, we expanded our resistance activities to other areas – land expropriation, settlement expansion, by-pass road construction, policies of “closure” and “separation,” the wholesale uprooting of fruit and olive trees, the Separation Barrier/Wall, the siege of Gaza and more.


Today, while we continue our active opposition to the Occupation “on the ground,” and in particular Israel’s

Israel & the Occupied Palestinian Territories

demolishing of Palestinian homes, we engage in a vigorous campaign of international advocacy to end the Occupation altogether and to achieve a just peace between Israelis and Palestinians. ICAHD does not advocate for any particular solution to the conflict, believing that is solely the Palestinians prerogative, but we do support any solution — two-state, one-state or regional — which offers a just and inclusive peace. ICAHD supports the Palestinian civil society call for boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel until the Occupation ends.


ICAHD works closely with both the Israeli peace camp and our Palestinian partners, as well as with dozens of civil society organizations world-wide. Our work in the Occupied Territories, especially the rebuilding of demolished homes (ICAHD has rebuilt more than 165 homes as acts of political resistance) is closely coordinated with local Palestinian groups.

Defining the Palestinian Bantustan: West Bank Areas A, B and C

Since its founding, ICAHD’s activities have extended to three interrelated spheres: resistance and protest actions in the Occupied Territories; efforts to bring the reality of the Occupation to Israeli society; and mobilizing the international community for a just peace. Our activities include:

  • Resisting the demolition of Palestinian homes. ICAHD members physically block bulldozers sent to demolish homes. We also mobilize hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians to rebuild them as acts of resistance.
  • Analyzing the political situation and developing informational materials. Our familiarity with the realities of the Occupation gives us special authority and insight when we brief diplomats, fact-finding missions, the public and the media. We have developed a wide range of informational materials, from maps, films and presentations showing graphically the situation on the ground to handbooks, special reports and expert commentary on various aspects of the Occupation.

    Defining the Palestinian Bantustan: Closures & House Demolitions

  • Tours. ICAHD guides conduct tours of the Occupied Territories from a critical peace perspective, in Hebrew, English, Arabic and other languages, and assist study missions in developing programs that allow them to see the realities while meeting with Israeli and Palestinian experts and activists.
  • Advocacy within Israel. ICAHD attempts to reach the wider Israeli public with a message that a just peace is possible — something Israeli Jews have long ceased believing. We produce materials in Hebrew, hold informational gatherings around the country, work closely with other Israeli peace groups, conduct Hebrew-language tours and carry on close collaboration with the local media.
  • International advocacy. ICAHD staff and activists embark on extensive speaking tours abroad at the invitation of our international partners, participate in international conferences and gatherings, and appear frequently in the international media. Besides our work with our international partners and our participation in BDS campaigns, we meet with government officials and diplomats, both in Israel/Palestine and in their capitals, in an effort to affect their governments’ policies.

    Defining the Palestinian Bantustan: The Infrastructure of Control

  • Providing strategic practical support to Palestinian families and communities. ICAHD aids Palestinians in filing police claims, in dealing with the Israeli authorities, in arranging and subsidizing legal assistance and in general coping with the traumas and tribulations of life under Occupation. Nevertheless, the thrust of our work is political and not humanitarian. ICAHD also cooperates with other human rights organizations to present legal challenges to Israeli actions and policies in the Occupied Territories.
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