JNF: Financing Racism and Apartheid

JNF: Financing Racism and Apartheid

Jewish National Fund’s Violation of International and Domestic Law


Canada Park built on 3 ethnically cleansed villages


The Jewish National Fund (JNF) is a multi-national corporation with offices in about dozen countries world-wide. It receives millions of dollars from wealthy and ordinary Jews around the world and other donors, most of which are tax-exempt contributions.

JNF aim is to acquire and develop lands exclusively for the benefit of Jews residing in Israel. The fact is that JNF, in its operations in Israel, had expropriated illegally most of the land of 372 Palestinian villages which had been ethnically cleansed by Zionist forces in 1948.

The owners of this land are over half the UN registered Palestinian refugees. JNF had actively participated in the physical destruction of many villages, in evacuating these villages of their inhabitants and in military operations to conquer these villages. Today JNF controls over 2500 sq. km of Palestinian land which it leases to Jews only. It also planted 100 parks on Palestinian land.

In addition, JNF has a long record of discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel as reported by the UN. JNF also extends its operations by proxy or directly to the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the West Bank and Gaza. All this is in clear violation of international law and particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention which forbids confiscation of property and settling the Occupiers’ citizens in occupied territories.

Palestinian villagers forced out of their villages

Ethnic cleansing, expropriation of property and destruction of houses are war crimes. As well, use of tax-exempt donations in these activities violates the domestic law in many countries, where JNF is domiciled.

Following the declaration of the state of Israel and the British departure on 15 May 1948, JNF started openly its large scale ethnic cleansing. JNF’s director, Yosef Weitz formed and headed a “Transfer Committee” whose objectives as formulated on June 4, 1948 were 32,

  • Destruction of villages as much as possible during military operations
  • Prevention of any cultivation of land by them [i.e., the Arabs], including reaping, collection [of crops],
  • picking [olives] and so on…
  • Settlement of Jews in a number of villages and towns so that no “vacuum” is created.
  • Enacting legislation [geared to barring a return].
  • [Making] propaganda [aimed at non-return].

The committee proposed that it oversee the destruction of villages and the renovation of certain sites for Jewish settlement, negotiate the purchase of Arab land, prepare legislation for expropriation and negotiate the resettlement of the refugees in Arab countries.

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